Printer Resi EPSON TM-U220D mempunyai fitur AUTO CUTTER sehingga dapat memotong kertas otomatis, sementara interface-nya menggunakan Ethernet. Metode cetak menggunakan Dotmatrix Line Printing, dengan fitur tambahan Easy Paper Loading.

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EPSON TM U220 A is a Dotmatrix Line Printing, with Easy Paper Loading. The versatile TMU220 suits a wide range of needs and applications. Each type is powerful, yet compact enough to fit in confined spaces.

First Paper Width           : 76.00±0.5mm (W)  Diameter 83.0
Second Paper Width      : 69.5±0.5mm (W)  Diameter 83.0
Third Paper Width         : 57.5±0.5mm (W)  Diameter 83.0
Printing Speed                : 4,70 lps
Font                                  : 9 × 17 / 12 × 24, Hanji Font: 24 x 24, Thai Font: 9 x 24 / 12 x 24
Character Size                 : 0.88 × 2.13 mm / 1.25 × 3 mm, Hanji font: 3 x 3 mm, Thai font: 0.88 x 3 mm / 1.25 x 3 mm
Character Set                  : 95 Alphanumeric, 18 set International, 128 × 43 pages (including user-defined page)
Hanzi                                : Simplified Chinese: GB18030-2000: 28,553
Bar code                     : UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN13(EAN13), JAN8(EAN), CODE39, ITF, CODABAR(NW-7), CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar
Two-dimensional code  : PDF417, QRCode, MaxiCode, 2D GS1 DataBar, Composite Symbology
Character Per Inch        : 22.6cpi / 16.9cpi, Hanji Font: 7.8cpi, Thai Font: 22.6cpi / 16.9cpi

Hardware                     : Operating temperature 0~+45oC, Storage temperature -20~+60oC, Input voltage DC + 24V ± 7%

Available Model: TM-U220 B-776-USB, TM-U220B-775-Serial, TM-U220PB-775-Paralel, TM-U220B-678-Ethernet/LAN

Manufacturer: EPSON

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Dimensions 16 × 28,6 × 15,7 cm


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